Where Can I Serve?

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of this church is our mission to the world. It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation. Church members are involved in a variety of ministries from things as simple as washing dishes after a community lunch, to preparing the media for worship.

Mission Outreach

Crossroads is thrilled to be part of the spreading of God’s kingdom around the world. We actively support United Methodist missionaries with our monetary gifts and prayers.  We also support our denominational Fair Share giving.
Locally, we reach out to the community around us through our  support of the Williamstown Food Pantry, and we are in partnership with Waverly Elementary.   The church provides school supplies for the year, “stinger bags” (supplemental meals) for students and occasional treats for the teachers.  
 We encourage all of our people to respond to God’s call to be in ministry, whether it means that they move to a foreign country or live and minister in our own community.


God-honoring worship is something we strive for. Many church members get involved in our music ministry from the children to the adults. Some play their instruments.  Others are involved in the choir.  These servants are an important part of the ministry of our church, using their talents and gifts to glorify God.


The usher team at our church fills an important role. They are involved in directing attendees to their seats, ensuring the safety of the building during services, helping visitors, answering questions, providing direction, and generally ensuring that the service can proceed problem-free. The usher team is a servant-hearted group of men and women whose ministry is integral to church life.

Media & Technology

Using media to spread the gospel is a privilege of this church. In an age of widespread technology, we have a stewardship to use these tools as best as possible for kingdom purposes.  We use the gifts of media and technology within the worship service. We also maintain an active Facebook for additional church communication.  

Prayer Ministry

Prayer cannot be overestimated. Our Church is a body of believers dependent upon prayer, and committed to God’s sovereignty.  Each Sunday bulletin contains a list of prayer concerns that have been shared either in service in previous weeks, through our prayer chain email (crossroadsum@gmail.com) or phone prayer chain (304-464-4430).